What Are the 3 Best Washable Keyboards?

As our healthcare workers continue to support the health and wellness of our global communities, innovative solutions are necessary to keep hospitals and healthcare settings clean to improve patient outcomes. This includes the frequent cleaning of high-touch equipment such as keyboards and mice.

High-touch surfaces such as keyboards are one of the causes of spreading infectious diseases in hospitals and other healthcare settings. A study published in BMJ Open focusing on over 2000 computer-related devices tested for bacterial content in healthcare situations found that “The overall proportion of contamination ranged from 24% to 100%.”

Another healthcare scenario is the constant movement of shared computer peripherals into and out of patient rooms by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. A recent study showed that samples taken from keyboards and mice in patient rooms and analyzed for bacteria showed that there were contaminated samples from keyboards and mice compared with positive results from other fomites within patients’ rooms.

To help combat the spread of germs, Seal Shield is at the forefront of this effort to provide cleanable peripherals for healthcare and other vulnerable environments. Seal Shield offers a range of products including washable and waterproof keyboards and mice, UV-resistant screen protectors, and UV-C sanitization systems.

Seal Shield began by introducing the first washable keyboard to the healthcare industry in 2006. The company continues to be a leader in the waterproof and UV sanitization solutions industry while expanding their product line to meet the needs of healthcare, education, public safety, retail, restaurants and other public and private settings.

Check out some of the best washable keyboards that are spill proof and cleanable below!

Washable Keyboards Clean Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard Model SSKSV207G

The Clean Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard is equipped with LED-backlit keys with 3 brightness settings to allow easy visibility in darker settings. This keyboard has a gold-plated USB connection with Seal Cap, which protects the keyboard against water invasion when fully submerged.

The keyboard’s classic design offers smooth and simple typing with a full-size numeric keypad and laser-etched keycaps, enhancing the backlit keys and protecting the key etchings from frequent, vigorous cleanings. In fact, this keyboard can withstand cleaning with the use of industrial-grade disinfectants.

In addition to the above features, the Clean Seal Glow Waterproof Keyboard includes these exceptional cleaning features:

  • 100% Waterproof & Dishwasher-safe
  • IPX8-Certified
  • Compatible with Harsh Cleaners and Disinfectants

Cleanwipe Pro™ Ergonomic, Waterproof Keyboard Model SSKSV099101PRO

If you’ve ever had to work with a computer keyboard in a tight-quartered workstation or for long periods of time, you know that every inch of space counts. The Cleanwipe™ Pro Waterproof Keyboard solves that problem by leaving a compact footprint that fits in any workspace—especially on mobile carts and in exam rooms. This washable keyboard is the newest advanced keyboard offered by Seal Shield.

The Cleanwipe Pro makes cleaning your keyboard simple and boasts the highest waterproof rating. It features UV-Resistant coating on key labels that support frequent sanitization without causing damage. The coating allows this industrial keyboard to be cleaned via UV technology or submersed in water with no ill effects on the product.

Another key feature of the brand-new Cleanwipe Pro waterproof and washable keyboard is that it features three ergonomic tilt positions to prevent wrist strain and maintain optimal comfort.

A Cleanwipe Pro latex-free silicone flat or fitted cover are available for purchase to make cleaning your keyboard even easier.

The Cleanwipe Pro offers enhanced cleaning features including:

  • 100% Waterproof & Dishwasher-safe
  • IPX8-Certified (highest waterproof rating)
  • Compatible with Hospital Cleaners and disinfectants

The Clean Storm Washable Keyboard Model STK503

The natural look of the Clean Storm Washable Keyboard adds a touch of class to your workspace. This natural look and feel are commensurate with smooth and comfortable usability in any setting.

This model comes with a full-size numeric keypad and laser-etched keycaps designed to enable consistent cleaning and use over time. A convenient USB connection cable is provided with Seal Cap™ to protect the gold-plated connector when fully immersed in water.

In addition to the above features, the Clean Storm Washable Keyboard includes these standard highlights:

  • 100% Waterproof & Dishwasher-safe
  • IPx5-Certified
  • Compatible with Industrial-Grade Cleaners and disinfectants

What is the Difference Between the Best Washable Keyboards and Best Waterproof Keyboards?

Seal Shield waterproof Keyboards are rated with IPX5 and IP68 certifications. IP ratings refer to the ingress protection of the product. In other words, it refers to the level of protection against dust and water.

Seal Shield keyboards with a IPX5 rating like the Seal Storm, means that the keyboard is washable and spillproof. Keyboards with an IP68 rating mean the keyboard is fully waterproof and can be submerged in water or even cleaned in a dishwasher. All Seal Shield keyboards are waterproof and spill proof, but if you are looking for a keyboard that can be optimally cleaned under water, IP68 is the best option for you.

Shop For Your Seal Shield Best Washable Keyboard Today!

The extensive research and development behind Seal Shield washable & waterproof keyboards support improving the cleanliness of high-touch equipment that is often overlooked in healthcare, public, and even at –home settings. Wherever cleanliness is important, Seal Shield has you covered! Shop now on our website today to get your brand new washable keyboard you can keep clean year-round.



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