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About Us

Seal Shield is a world leader in advanced technologies that support a cleaner environment across all industries. Our full range of products enable convenient cleaning of high-touch devices and equipment in communal organizations, high-traffic environments, and vulnerable industries. Seal Shield is built on a foundation of advanced Research & Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Technology Acquisitions.

Company Overview:

Founded in 2006, Seal Shield introduced the industry’s first waterproof keyboard. Today Seal Shield is a world leader in the innovation, development, and manufacturing of specialized solutions that support a cleaner environment, including UV-C disinfection systems for portable devices & equipment. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate institutions, governments, food services, education facilities, and vulnerable organizations are demanding these solutions.

Our Distribution:

Seal Shield has developed a rapid growth model through the leveraging of key partnerships. Seal Shield’s sales are driven by major chains with thousands of installs worldwide. Seal Shield has product applications in every market including food service, hospitality, education, libraries, heavy industry, construction, call centers, multi-user environments, and more. Seal Shield’s success is in large part a result of partnerships with numerous industry leaders.

The company’s extensive Global Distribution network, skilled Marketing, and strong Field Sales support make Seal Shield’s manufactured products easy to source and readily available with just-in-time delivery to multiple markets for critical mass.

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The ElectroClave achieves a 99.9% reduction of Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, MRSA and CRE on hard, nonporous surfaces.

For Investors:

Seal Shield, LLC is a privately held and privately funded corporation. During the current climate of the COVID-19 pandemic, our steady growth reflects the importance and demand for Seal Shield products. At times, we consider adding private investors into our funding mix. If you have an interest in investing in Seal Shield, please contact us at sealshield@sealshield.com

Bradley Whitchurch
CEO, Founder
Seal Shield, LLC

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