Seal Glow™ Waterproof Silicone Keyboard- Backlit w/Magnetic Backing -SW106G2M


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Advanced Cleaning Capabilities

  • Dishwasher-Safe
Compatible with Spray & Wipe Disinfectant Products:
  • Clorox Healthcare®
  • Lysol®
  • PDI Products
  • Bleach, Ethanol, IPA, Quats, Citric Acid, & Hydrogen Peroxide, and other Industrial-Grade Cleaners and Disinfectants

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Seal Glow™ Waterproof Backlit Keyboards are 100% waterproof and washable, IP68-certified, and designed to withstand industrial-grade disinfectants making it easy to clean in environments where hygiene is a priority. This is a fully sealed silicone keyboard enabling full submersion without water damage and complete protection from dust and liquid ingress.
The Seal Glow keyboard has a low-profile construction perfect for clinical areas, smaller workstations, or for working on the go. The Magnetic Backing feature prevents shifting of the keyboard while on mobile workstations such as carts or medical carts. The LED backlit key feature provides visibility assistance in darker settings. Seal Glow keyboards have a gold-plated USB quick connect cable and USB Seal Cap cover for protection while cleaning. Keyboard color options include Black and White.

Key Features

100% Waterproof, Dishwasher-Safe, & Fully Submersible

Gold Coated USB Quick Connect Cable with Seal CapTM USB Protector

Full-Size Numeric Keypad and Laser Etched Keycaps

LED Backlit Illuminated Characters

Designed to Withstand Industrial-Grade
Disinfectants & Cleaners

UV Reinforced Key Caps

Fully Sealed Silicone Keyboard is IP68-Certified

Compact Footprint Perfect for Tight Applications Including Mobile Carts and Exam Rooms

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Enhanced Cleaning Ability

Hygiene is heightened with the Seal Glow Silicone Keyboard. This fully-sealed keyboard has an IP rating of IP68 making it completely waterproof, washable, and compatible with industrial-grade disinfectants and cleaners. It is the perfect solution for sterile environments where hygiene is a priority such as hospitals and medical environments.

Backlit for typing in darker environments

The Seal Glow Keyboard was designed for cleanability and functionality day or night. That is why this keyboard features LED backlit illuminated keys for visibility assistance is darker settings.

Additional Features

Magnetic Backing

Magnetic backing supports use on mobile carts without shifting or sliding off when in motion. This is especially beneficial for hospital mobile carts when traveling room to room.

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