Tools and Best Practices for Keeping a Clean and Organized Desk

A clean and organized desk is essential for productivity and mental clarity. A dirty or cluttered workspace can make it difficult to focus on tasks and can lead to increased stress levels. To maintain a clean desk, it’s important to establish tools and best practices for keeping a clean and organized desk and workspace.

Organizing Your Desk

Start by decluttering your desk. Remove any items that are not essential and find a home for them elsewhere. Of course, having personal items or mementos, such as family photos and decorations, can bring a sense of happiness to your space. One method for eliminating unnecessary items is to ask yourself, “do I use this often?” Or, “Does having this item on my desk bring me joy and peace?” From there, removing items that don’t serve you and may be cluttering your space will be easier. Once you’ve decluttered, establish a filing system for papers and documents that need to stay on your desk. Use trays, folders, or binders to keep everything in its place.

Cleaning Your Desk Equipment

Next, clean your computer and keyboard. A clean computer and keyboard can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. In fact, A recent study conducted by consumer watchdog Which?, tested 30 office keyboards and found that the average keyboard was home to around 7,500 bacteria, including some strains that can cause food poisoning and other illnesses. Keeping your high-touch computer keyboard sanitized is essential for maintaining a hygienic and clean workspace. To clean your computer monitor or screen, you can simply spray a cleaning agent onto a microfiber cloth and wipe it down.

Tools for Maintaining a Clean and Organized Desk

For optimal sanitization of your keyboard, consider investing in a washable keyboard like the ones offered by Seal Shield. Seal Shield keyboards are waterproof and spill proof, making it easy to clean and disinfect. These keyboards are perfect for high-traffic areas where germs and bacteria can easily spread. Or, for supporting a clean and organized desk in an office or home environment.

Washable Keyboards for Easy Cleaning

Seal Shield cleanable keyboards are available in a variety of sizes and connection types. Keyboard options include portable wireless keyboards, USB wired keyboards, and laptop-like Bluetooth keyboards. Their latest waterproof keyboard, the Cleanwipe Pro, is a USB wired keyboard that offers a low-profile design with three ergonomic tile positions for optimal comfort.

Seal Shield keyboard cleaning capabilities range from washable to fully waterproof and submersible. This is determined by the IP rating. Keyboards with an IP-65 rating are washable. Keyboards with an IP-x8 or IP-68 rating are fully waterproof and can be cleaned by fully submersing in water. All Seal Shield keyboards are compatible with the harshest cleaning sprays and wipes making it simple to sanitize them without causing damage.

Check out the Keyboard Product Families Below:

  • Cleanwipe Pro: Fully-waterproof, ABS Plastic keyboard with three ergonomic tilt positions. Features magnetic USB 3.0 connection. Available in both Black and white.
  • Seal Clean 207 Series: Waterproof mechanical computer keyboards with a standard design. ABS plastic keyboards have an IP-X8 rating. Feature either a short quick connect or long USB cable connection. Available with backlit keys for a light up keyboard in darker settings.
  • Cleanwipe Series: Low profile quiet key keyboards that are compact and washable. Keyboards have an IP-65 rating making them washable and compatible with all cleaners. ABS plastic keyboards are available with wireless, USB, and Bluetooth connections.
  • Seal Silk Glow Series: Waterproof silicone keyboards with touch pad are 100% waterproof & dishwasher-safe, IP68-certified. LED backlit characters provide visibility assistance in darker settings. Available in both black and white with USB connection.
  • Seal Silk Mini Glow Series: Compact and waterproof silicone keyboards are 100% waterproof & dishwasher-safe. IP68-certified. Features backlit keys and convenient USB connection.
  • Seal Glow Series: Waterproof, silicone keyboards are 100% waterproof and IP-68 certified. Features backlit keys and quick connect cable with Seal Cap USB connection. Available with magnetic backing and both black and white.
  • Seal Flex Series: Seal Flex™ Silicone keyboards are 100% waterproof & dishwasher-safe, IP68-certified. Flexible structure with a full-size numeric keypad and convenient USB connection. Available in both black and white.
  • Seal Storm Series: Washable true-type keyboards with an IP-65 rating. ABS plastic with convenient USB connection. Available in black, white, and red.

Waterproof Computer Mice

In addition to a washable keyboard, a waterproof mouse, like Seal Shield USB and wireless computer mice, can also support a cleaner workspace. All Seal Shield mice are fully washable, waterproof, and compatible with industrial-grade cleaners and disinfectants. This enables you to easily clean and disinfect your mouse and workspace without worrying about damaging equipment. Adding a washable mouse to your workspace can help support a clean and organized desk and environment year-round. All Seal Shield cleanable mice are IP-68 making them fully waterproof.

Available Washable Computer Mice Include:

  • Seal Storm Series: 100% waterproof mouse with a classic two button scroll wheel. Washable mice have a IP-68 rating and are available in both wireless and corded USB connections. Colors include both black and white.
  • Seal Silk Series: Silicone mice are 100% waterproof with a IP-68 rating. Available with a USB or wireless connection. Colors include black and white.
  • Seal Surf: Fully waterproof mouse with IP-68 rating. Features a scroll glide two button system and USB connection.

Take the Next Step Towards a Clean and Organized Desk and Workspace

A clean desk and work environment makes for a clearer mind. By incorporating these best practices and investing in a washable keyboard and waterproof mouse from Seal Shield, you can support a clean and organized desk and office space. Seal Shield washable keyboards and mice make cleaning your high-touch equipment easier than ever, without the threat of damage to your investment. All Seal Shield products are designed with you in mind – to make a hygienic environment achievable. A clean workspace can lead to increased productivity, improved mental clarity, and a more enjoyable work experience. Start implementing these tips today for a cleaner and more organized workspace. Shop Now!

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