Enhancing Hygiene: The CDC’s Recommendations for Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is more critical than ever. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) emphasizes the significance of sanitizing high-touch items, such as keyboards and mice, to curb the spread of infections in healthcare facilities. Seal Shield, a leading innovator in cleanable technology, offers an ingenious solution with its advanced keyboards and mice designed to safeguard both patients and healthcare professionals.

CDC’s Recommendations for Cleaning the Surfaces We Touch

The CDC’s recommendations for cleaning include that healthcare facilities adopt rigorous sanitization practices for high-touch surfaces, including computer peripherals like keyboards and mice. The reason behind this recommendation lies in the potential for these items to harbor harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Healthcare workers frequently interact with these peripherals between treating patients, making them likely vectors for cross-contamination, which can result in nosocomial infections. Regular cleaning of these devices can significantly reduce the risk of spreading germs and improve hand hygiene and overall patient safety.

Why Seal Shield is the Solution

Seal Shield has taken a proactive approach to address this critical issue, and the CDC’s Recommendations for Cleaning, by developing cutting-edge, waterproof keyboards and mice explicitly designed for healthcare and other high-traffic environments. In 2006, Seal Shield released the first washable computer keyboard. Since then, our commitment to hygiene and infection control sets us apart as an industry leader. Seal Shield purposefully designed keyboards and mice can help support the vigorous cleaning needs of vulnerable environments and protocols recommended by the CDC.

Key Features of Seal Shield Keyboards and Mice

Seal Shield keyboards and mice offer a range of cleaning features that are beneficial to healthcare, dental practices, hospitality, restaurants, and more. Features include:

Waterproof and Spill-proof Design: Accidents happen, but Seal Shield products are built to withstand them. These keyboards and mice are available with washable, fully waterproof and spill-proof features, allowing for easy cleaning and sanitization without any damage to the devices.

Easy-to-Clean: Seal Shield keyboards and mice facilitate effortless cleaning and are compatible with the harshest of cleaners. This enables healthcare professionals and end users to maintain a hygienic environment with minimal effort.

Durable Construction: Seal Shield products are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the most demanding high-traffic settings. Their durability saves costs in the long run and reduces the need for frequent replacements.

Ergonomic Design: Understanding the importance of comfort during long shifts, Seal Shield has crafted their keyboards and mice with an ergonomic design, reducing strain on the hands and wrists. The Cleanwipe Pro is the latest cleanable keyboard and features three ergonomic tilt positions to accommodate preference and performance.

Connection Compatibility: Seal Shield peripherals are available with convenient wireless, Bluetooth, and USB plug-and-play connections. These seamless integrations simplify the setup process and usability in workspaces of any size.

A Range of Styles: Seal Shield keyboards and mice are designed for you and your preference. Styles include standard-style construction, low-profile and fully sealed silicone keyboards and mice, and laptop-like keyboards. Each keyboard type ranges from IP65 – IP68 certified.

Benefits of Seal Shield Keyboards and Mice

Hygienic Workspaces: The primary advantage of Seal Shield products is the waterproof and disinfectant combability that enables users in any environment to maintain achieve the CDC’s recommendations for cleaning. Benefits include:

Time and Cost Savings: With Seal Shield’s easy-to-clean and durable devices, healthcare facilities can save valuable time on maintenance and replacement costs.

Patient Safety: By utilizing Seal Shield keyboards and mice, healthcare professionals can play an active role in promoting hand hygiene and patient safety while continuing to provide a secure environment for patients to receive care.

Improved Staff Well-being: Ergonomically designed peripherals contribute to the well-being of healthcare professionals by reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries and promoting better posture. It is also proven that a cleaner environment can boost overall mindset and well-being.

Enhanced Reputation: Implementing advanced infection control measures can boost a healthcare facility’s reputation, assuring patients and stakeholders of their commitment to safety and hygiene.

Water and Dust-Proof Ratings: Seal Shield’s keyboards and mice are certified from IP65-IP68. IP65 indicates that the device is washable and compatible with industrial-grade disinfectants. IP68 enables the device to fully submersed in water and cleaned with industrial-grade disinfectants while being fully protected from dust water.

Get Yours Today!

In conclusion, the CDC’s Recommendations for Cleaning sanitizing high-touch items in healthcare facilities aligns perfectly with Seal Shield’s mission to provide hygienic solutions. By incorporating Seal Shield’s washable and waterproof keyboards and mice, healthcare facilities and high-traffic environments can take a proactive step toward safeguarding staff, visitors, and patients. Investing in Seal Shield products enhances the cleanliness of the equipment touched by shared users throughout the day. In return, boosting sanitization practices and compliance. Whether you are working in a hospital, dental practice, restaurant, or office, wherever cleanliness is important, Seal Shield has you covered. Explore Seal Shield waterproof keyboards and mice for your organization today!

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