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Seal Shield is the infection control specialist.  We offer healthcare technology for hospitals and your home.  Our unique combination of patent pending infection control products and trademark antimicrobial solutions, combine to create the most complete infection control solutions available.  Let Seal Shield’s team of infection control specialists provide you with a total infection control solution that can help your organization break the chain of infection.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that infectious diseases are spreading faster than ever before, with potentially devastating impacts on the global economy and international security.  Seal Shield, LLC is a leader in infection prevention technology.  Seal Shield develops, manufactures, and sells the most complete family of healthcare infection control products for hospitals and the home.  In February 2007, Seal Shield introduced the fully submersible, dishwasher safe keyboard and mouse.  Further development of the company’s Patent Pending waterproof electronics technologies has resulted in additional washable input devices including dishwasher safe keyboards, mice, TV remotes, cell phones and other advanced washable, antimicrobial solutions for a wide range of applications.  Seal Shield’s products have been featured on TV news including Good Morning America, The Today show with Matt Lauer, NBC, CBS, CNBC, FOX, BBC, and the Science Channel; on NPR (National Public Radio); and in numerous internet and print media including Smart Computing, Good Housekeeping and a Popular Science “Must Have Product”Today, Seal Shield manufactures over 100 infection control products in 27 languages with global distribution and an install base in hospitals worldwide.  In addition to Seal Shield’s core medical device products, the company has become an expert in antimicrobial additives.  Seal Shield has developed a trade secret “Silver Seal” mixing process for the application of silver in plastics and silicones to produce the most cost effective, EPA registered, FDA listed, antimicrobial solutions in the industry.  Seal Shield utilizes Silver Seal Protection in its own medical input devices and also provides the Silver Seal Protection and implementation consulting to third party manufacturers for incorporation in medical devices and consumer products worldwide.  Seal Shield’s product road map calls for further development of its family of infection control medical devices and expansion of the company’s antimicrobial business. 

The rapid increase in cross contamination infections is the most critical issue facing healthcare today.  In the United States alone, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that one out of every twenty hospital patients gets an infection or two million people per year.  Of the two million, close to 100,000 people die each year, ranking hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) as the fourth largest killer in the United States, causing as many deaths as AIDS, breast cancer and auto accidents combined.  According to the CDC, the cost to treat these infections is as much as $57,000.00 per incident or up to $45 Billion, nationally.  Recently, Insurance and Medicare announced they will no longer reimburse hospitals for the cost of HAI’s.  As a result, healthcare organizations worldwide have been forced to bear these expenses.  Today, hospitals are scrambling to implement cost effective infection control products and procedures that can help mitigate the spread of these deadly bacteria and viruses.  Numerous independent studies have been conducted to determine the cause of increased hospital infection rates.  Studies confirm that common touch surfaces are a major cross contamination point for the spread of infectious pathogens and that untreated, bacteria can survive on a hard surface for up to seven days.  Viruses can survive even longer.  Direct contact medical equipment, input devices and other hard to clean surfaces pose a significant challenge to infection control efforts.  A 2005 University of Arizona study reported that computer keyboards, for example, harbor up to 400 times more microbial bacteria that the average toilet seat.  Studies performed at the University of North Carolina discovered that up to 25% of hospital keyboards harbor the Super Bug- MRSA, but daily disinfecting of the keyboards could reduce the risk of cross contamination.  Recently, global concerns over the spread of deadly H1N1 virus, Norovirus, MRSA and others have led to greater awareness as to the importance of effective infection control in hospitals and the home.

Seal Shield is a recognized leader in infection control innovation. Seal Shield’s development team designs solutions that are demanded by major healthcare providers worldwide. Seal Shield currently has 7 Patents Pending as well as numerous registered trademarks and trade secrets protecting its unique technologies. Seal Shield has developed a rapid growth model through the leveraging of key partnerships. Seal Shield’s sales are driven by major healthcare chains with thousands of hospital installs worldwide.  In addition to the healthcare market, Seal Shield has product applications in food service, hospitality, education, libraries, heavy industry, construction, call centers and other multi-user environments. Seal Shield’s success is in large part a result of partnership with major industry distributors including Tech Data Corporation, Synnex, Dell, CDW, PC Connection, MicroAge, Staples, PSS Medical, Gulf South Medical and many more.  Retail and e-tail partners include Wal-mart, Sam’s, Amazon, Circuit City, CompUSA, Tiger Direct, Best Buy, Microcenter, The Source and others. Global medical device customers include GE, Philips, Draeger, Medtronics and others.  This extensive global distribution network makes Seal Shield’s manufactured products easy to source and readily available with just-in-time delivery to multiple markets for critical mass. In addition to Seal Shield’s manufactured products division, Seal Shield provides antimicrobial consulting and implementation to third party organizations.  The Company’s Silver Seal Antimicrobial Protection is an EPA registered, cost effective, antimicrobial additive which is utilized in Seal Shield’s products and also marketed to third party manufacturers worldwide for use in their products.