The Benefits of Seal Shield Washable and Waterproof Keyboards for Schools

Covid-19 and other common illnesses have caused increased curiosity and research into how various microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses are transmitted from person to person. The return of students to school calls for even more precautions to combat the spread of pathogens and help keep students and faculty healthy. Schools are one of the most common places where illnesses spread rapidly. Sickness can be spread to teachers, students, and staff. All these individuals can then go on to infect others outside the school.

Computer Keyboards: A Common Site for Bacteria Contamination

Computer keyboards for schools can become major sites for the spread of germs, especially when they are shared between multiple students in a single day. Computer keyboards in public settings are often overlooked in frequent cleaning practices and in schools, it is no different. Most keyboards used in schools are shared in the computer lab. This provides an increased chance for the equipment to become a breeding ground for bacteria in the computer labs, with a large volume of students using them frequently.

Research carried out at the University of Arizona found that the average computer has almost 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. A similar study cited in the Journal of School Nursing showed that the number of microorganisms on computer keyboards in elementary school classrooms is three times more when the keyboards are not disinfected.

School children are less likely to be careful than the general public. They could sneeze without covering their mouths, use the restroom without washing their hands, or forget to sanitize their hands. Therefore, more measures have to be put in place to ensure the health & safety of students as they return to school by ensuring their environments are continuously disinfected. However, disinfecting most computer keyboards is no easy feat, considering the fact that they are electronic equipment that is not waterproof and must be handled with care. This creates a need for computer keyboards that can be cleaned thoroughly and frequently without causing any damage. Seal Shield keyboards are capable of meeting the cleaning needs for schools and other vulnerable environments. Seal Shield keyboards are waterproof. They are specially designed to combat the spread of germs through adequate and frequent cleaning.

In this article, we will be looking at three Seal Shield Washable and Waterproof Keyboards for schools. We will also be considering their relevance in combating the spread of illness in schools.

SSKSV207 (Clean Seal Waterproof Keyboard)

This keyboard is 100% waterproof. It is IPX8-certified and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. This keyboard can be cleaned with industrial-grade Disinfectants. One advantage of this keyboard is that it can be cleaned thoroughly without fear of damage, and it can also be cleaned frequently. This keyboard is also available with backlit keys for visibility in darker settings or dimmed lighting, such as the computer lab. In addition, the key layout is 104 with a full-size numeric keypads, making typing easier. The keycaps are laser-etched and long-lasting. When combined, the 207 series keyboard provides classic typing with the ability to keep the keyboard clean from debris and germs.

STK503 (Clean Storm Washable Keyboards)

The STK503 keyboard can be cleaned with industrial-grade disinfectants. These disinfectants include Clorox bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sporicides, and disinfecting wet mopping cloths. The Clean Storm Washable Keyboard is IPX5-certified. This means that it is washable and can stand up to frequent and regular cleaning without the risk of being damaged when washed in a dishwasher. The keycaps are laser-etched, and this adds to the durability of the keyboard. The key layout has 104 US and 105 international. It is a classic-style keyboard from Seal Shield and is ideal for use in schools to promote the cleaning of high-touch equipment.

S89G (Clean Pro Glow Waterproof Silicone Backlit Keyboard)

This keyboard from Seal Shield features quiet touch keys. This makes it well suited for schools because it makes the computer lab less noisy and more conducive for learning. In addition, it has a fully-sealed design that is 100% waterproof with an IP68 certification, making it safe to be washed in a dishwasher or even fully submersed in water. This keyboard can be cleaned with the harshest of disinfectants. The benefits of this keyboard are quite numerous. It has a UV-resistant coating on key labels, adding to its durability. It also has soft blue backlit keys with red-backlit locking keys, making it easy to navigate the keyboard. The key layout is 87 US.

Get Your Seal Shield Waterproof, Washable Keyboard Today

Out of sight out of mind does not apply to germs. When it comes to schools, it is important to keep shared and highly-touched surfaces like keyboards and mice clean in schools for the health of students, faculty and staff. Seal Shield offers washable waterproof keyboards and mice that support frequent cleaning while protecting the investment of schools. Take the next step towards a cleaner environment by getting your cleanable keyboard today!

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