New Clean Wipe Pro™ Washable Keyboard Aims to Enhance Cleaning Protocols

You’ve probably heard of viruses in computer systems, but did you know that computer keyboards are potential sites for the accumulation of germs and various harmful bacteria? High-touch items such as keyboards and mice are often overlooked in frequent cleaning practices.

Computer keyboards are essential devices used for various purposes across all industries and organizations. Keyboards in healthcare settings are used for checking test results, ordering laboratory tests, and entering patient records. They are high-touch surfaces that are often shared between the organization’s staff. As a result, keyboards in hospitals can accumulate even more bacteria than would be found in other settings.

The number of healthcare-acquired infections in the US is estimated to be 722,000. This has led to setbacks towards patient recovery and outcomes, and a lot of money is being spent on these health-acquired infections annually. These infections often result from cross-contamination through touch.

A study carried out at the University of North Carolina by Dr. William .A. Ratulla (Director of Hospital Epidemiology at UNC and a professor in UNC school of medicine), and his colleagues found that computer keyboards in healthcare settings contain a lot of bacteria. During the study, samples were collected from 25 computer keyboards in the University of North Carolina Hospital. The result of the study showed that each keyboard was contaminated with a minimum of two types of bacteria. The most common type of bacteria found on keyboards was coagulase-negative staphylococci. This bacterium is the leading cause of infections of the blood in hospital patients.

Best Solutions to Keyboards Contamination

To help improve the cleanliness of computer keyboards in healthcare settings and other public and vulnerable industries, keyboards must be cleaned frequently. Unfortunately, most keyboards are not waterproof or compatible with industrial-grade disinfectants. Hence, there is a limit to how thoroughly you can clean them. This is where Seal Shield’s new Clean Wipe Pro Waterproof Keyboards come in. They are washable, waterproof, and compatible with industrial-grade disinfectants. An ergonomic design with three tilt positions provides comfort in any setting including healthcare, retail, hospitality, office, and at home.

Seal Shield is a company dedicated to improving the cleanliness of healthcare, public, and home office settings. Seal Shield achieves this by providing washable and waterproof keyboards designed to mitigate cross-contamination through frequent and vigorous sanitization. Seal Shield has recently introduced its newest keyboard, The New Clean Wipe Pro Washable Keyboard.

Properties of The New Clean Wipe Pro Washable Keyboard.

The New Clean Wipe Pro Washable Keyboard from Seal Shield is 100% waterproof with an IP-X8 certification (one of the highest-ratings). In addition to being washed by a dishwasher, this keyboard can be cleaned with harsh disinfectants such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Clorox healthcare products, bleach, and sporocides (which can prevent the proliferation of already existing microorganisms).

You can position the keyboard in three different ways for optimal comfort during use. These positions are ‘inclined’, ‘declined,’ and ‘flat.’ Also, it has a MagSeal™ Magnetic USB connector and supports USB 3.0 connectivity. The Clean Wipe Pro Washable Keyboard has LED key illumination on the caps lock, number lock, scroll lock, and key lock. The key layout has 99 keys, including a 10 keypad.

Advantages of The New Clean Wipe Pro™ Washable Keyboard

  • Keyboard is washable in dishwashers, and it can be easily cleaned for the simple removal of germs and debris
  • The SealLock™ Technology Keylock function makes it possible to clean the keyboard while it is still connected.
  • The LED key illumination on caps lock, number lock, scroll lock, and key lock makes it easy to navigate the keys in dim or darker settings and last throughout frequent sanitization.
  • It has three ergonomic keyboard tilt positions that is designed to prevent wrist strain and ensure the comfort of the user.
  • It can be used for use in tight applications such as mobile carts and exam rooms.

Maintenance of The New Clean Wipe Pro™ Washable Keyboard

It is important to maintain the keyboard in order for it to last longer and be efficient. Here are some maintenance guidelines for The New Clean Wipe Pro™ Washable Keyboard:

  • It should be stored at a temperature not less than -5°C and not more than 55°C.
  • This keyboard can be cleaned with industrial-grade disinfectants. However, make sure to follow the cleaning manufacturers’ instructions for use for best results and safety

Preventing the spread of germs and maintaining a cleaner environment starts with the equipment and items we touch the most. Washable and waterproof keyboards from Seal Shield are an awesome solution for keeping your workspace clean. No matter the setting, Seal Shield offers a range of waterproof keyboards that are available in different styles, sizes, and connection types so that wherever cleanliness is important, Seal Shield has you covered. Take the next step towards a cleaner environment and get your washable keyboard today!

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